Hygge Lounge

“Craft makes our homes more human.”

- Ilse Crawford

Stena Line wanted to upgrade their offering of relaxing journeys for their guests and our bespoke approach has brought just that.

Titled after a Danish term which means “creating comfort wherever you are,” The Hygge Lounge needed to be a quiet and calming space in every way possible. The primary offering is an ergonomic recliner seat which our team designed and custom-fabricated with both the customer and the guests in mind – these tailored seats are highly adaptable for ease-of-use in the long-term whilst creating a sense of immediate relaxation for each guest.

Additionally, we renewed the flooring of the lounge with premium material for a luxurious feel. Decorative bulkheads were added to create a striking, modern aesthetic. Structural fire protection at the entrance doors in the lounge was also installed.

This is a fully-immersive sensory experience that invited us to consider numerous additional components to the design – including soft-glow lighting, bespoke joinery and noise cancellation technology.

As each Stena Line vessel is entirely unique, so is its Hygge Lounge. Having initially been installed on the Superfast VII and Superfast VIII, Hygge Lounges are now being rolled out across the fleet.

Project In Brief:

  • Creating a quiet area for passengers to relax in during the crossing.
  • New, more comfortable lounge chairs for passengers designed in partnership with Stena line.
  • Renewed flooring, and decorative bulkheads added to create modern aesthetic.
  • Work completed when the ship was in service from Belfast to Cairnryan.


  • Project delivered on time and to budget in May 2018, ahead of seasonal passenger increases.
  • Client very happy with outcome of works.
  • Both sets of lounges have quickly become very popular with Passengers. Stena line are now going to roll these out other Stena ferries due to their success!

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